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LISEMCO 2 is hastening installation work at Tuyen Quang sugar plant, including installation work for the Purifying building of the Plant, with the aim of meeting the approved design, ensuring quality, time schedule, safety and hygiene.


Tuyen Quang sugar plant (owned by Son Duong cane-sugar JSC) produces white sugar with Capacity of 4,000 tones of cane per day, with total investment capital more than 703.5 VND billions, built on the area of 9.6 ha at Binh Xa commune, Ham Yen district, Tuyen Quang province, Vietnam.

Purifying building is one of the most important items of the Plant, the Building is designed of steel structures L100 x W 15 x H 25m, and an overhead crane of 5ton capacity.

Main works of this item are such as: organization for installation of all steel structures of Purifying building. It contains unloading of the goods (material and equipments supplied by the Owner) from the truck, at the warehouse in the site. Columns, beams, girders supplied by the Owner are completely fabricated products and delivered to the site. The installation contractor is responsible on repairing in accordance with modified design, installing and warranting.



For ensuring installation time schedule of the Purifying building with the milestone completion time is 30/Nov/2012, LISEMCO 2 increased manpower as well as execution equipments for this work item. The first steel structures of the item have been installed correctly onto their locations as designed, ensuring safety and meeting requirements from the owner.

Tuyen Quang, on 22/9/2012

By: Hong Ha

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