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Activities - social work

Activities - social work


Workplace culture sometimes makes people feel stifled, especially between the old and the new, the superiors and the subordinates. So fairness in the workplace is of great concern. Do you know what the word is fair? If not, don't ignore the information in the article below.

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Justice is the correspondence between the rights and obligations of individuals and their social status, which refers to something reasonable, not unjust. Usually what is fair will be right.

For a better society, justice is essential. No one wants to be abandoned or what they try to do is not recognized by everyone and society. No one will always be satisfied when they see that they have put in a lot of effort, but the results are not as small as those who just sit and play. That's unfair!

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Fairness can be expressed in the place you work, the amount of work you have to do in line with the salary you are entitled to. Or sometimes just a compliment from your boss and co-workers will help you get excited all day. A fair and equal life will make society better, social evils will not have a chance.

How to cultivate fairness in the workplace?

When you were in school, you liked group debates where you could raise your personal views and insist on defending them. You always think that outside of society, just listen to your heart. However, life is not as rosy as you imagine eating and drinking spending with your parents' money, shopping, doing what you like. When you are always pampered almost everything as you like, when you step into the office environment, you are like being thrown a cold water.

There you see injustice, like it or not, there are things you are obliged to do according to the instructions of your superiors. You have to change yourself to adapt to the injustice itself. How can there be fairness in the workplace? The question is not only for employees, but also for the leadership.

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