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Activities - social work

Activities - social work


Attitude is a term that covers the way you see and approach problems in your life. It includes your inner thoughts and outward expressions. Ultimately, attitude determines everything you say and do – and what you say and do determines your success.

Having a positive attitude means that you are optimistic about the situations that are happening, the interactions and yourself. People with a positive attitude are always optimistic, hopeful and find good things even in difficult situations and periods. On the contrary, people with negative attitudes can be pessimistic and more disagreeable, often thinking about bad results in difficult situations.



Why Is Your Attitude All?

To say that attitude is all is not just a pleasant quote in a self-help book or an inspiring caption on the poster but it is true.

1. Your attitude determines your commitment
Your opinion on something determines how much effort you put and effort into it. If you do not value an activity, then you will not spend much effort and time on it. If you believe that you will fail, you will try less and truly fail, turning your beliefs into a tested prophecy. However, if from the beginning you believe you are capable, you will probably be surprised at your true abilities.

2. People tend to compare their attitudes with those of others
People tend to reflect attitudes around them. If you express optimism and a successful belief in what you're doing, others around you will take that energy and do the same. On the other hand, if you are pessimistic and believe that things cannot go well and are difficult, this negative attitude will spread to others as well.

3. Your tone when sending a message that acts stronger than your words
What you say to others is almost in no matter how you say it. To answer for a flawed idea, you can say "No, that will never succeed for reasons x,y,z,... " or say "It's an interesting idea. It can be implemented well if x,y,z,... be changed". Both words are rejections, but the second sends a more positive response. The first sentence takes a critical tone while the second seems more acceptable and enthusiastic, which signals to people that you are happy to want to work with them.

Changing Attitudes Is The Solution to Your Problems

We always have a choice. We can choose an inner dialogue to encourage ourselves and increase our motivation, or we can choose an inner dialogue full of whining, reproach, self-loss and self-pity. That's the power we all have. Our attitude has a tremendous impact on who we are, what we do and how we will become. Sow attitude, reap action. Sowing action, reaping habits. Sow habits, reap your personality and future.

Each of us has had difficult times, feelings of vulnerability, physical and emotional pains, and we are all in a difficult period because of the effects of the Covid-19 pandemic,... But the bottom line is, what's happening doesn't determine your life, but it's the way you choose to respond to things that will determine the outcome.

Always keep a positive attitude and put your faith in the good. Whether at work or at home, stop thinking about why you can't do these things, instead reminding yourself of the reasons you can do it. The first step to success is knowing that we can do it, and the second step is to do it. Even in the most difficult times, always remind yourself: If someone else has done it, you can do it.

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