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Activities - social work

Activities - social work


Writing for a summer afternoon

I came here on a sunny summer afternoon
Clear blue sky, white clouds, the wind
playing Dear humpback birds by the window
A peaceful and warm place with the taste of old tea

The construction site is noisy with the sound of the saws
Tons of iron under the hands of the plastic workers
Bridges connecting the future
with all directions Shipments from Amecc fly away

Rows of green trees. Yesterday's small road was
busy with cars coming in and out in a hurry
Drops of sweat fell more pink on the cheeks
The welder's shoulders were soaked with sweat

Love the blue like a sky
Full of desire to reach out to the world
Love the people who work hard early in the evening
Give their strength to build the homeland

Each span of the bridge connects the roads
Each pebble strengthens the soft feet
Each heart warms with hope
Every life is a fragrant flower

TG - Vu Ngoc Diep - Deputy Director of Political Center of An Lao District.



(Author: Vu Ngoc Diep)


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