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Activities - social work

Activities - social work

Amecc - organizing training courses for customs management profession

On August 12th, 2022, at AMECC Mechanical Construction Joint Stock Company, a training course on customs management skills was organized for the company's officers and employees.

The event was attended by colleagues from the city's customs management agency, leaders from various departments and units of AMECC Company, and 40 company trainees participating in the training course.

This marks the first professional training class conducted by the Customs Management Department following the implementation of the new organizational structure according to the Government's Official Letter No. 1606/VPCP-QHQT, demonstrating the profound concern of the company's leadership towards training and updating knowledge on customs management for its officers and employees.

In her speech at the training session, Ms. Đặng Thị Thu Thuỷ - Director of the Administration and Human Resources Department at AMECC, mentioned, "This training program is incredibly practical and beneficial, providing our employees with legal knowledge that they can apply directly to real-world scenarios. We hope that all of you will concentrate and fully grasp the knowledge and aspirations. By the end of this course, with the acquired knowledge and skills, you will contribute effectively to both the company and in your daily lives.

In the upcoming period, the company will continue to offer training courses to enhance the professional competence of its officers and employees. With the newly acquired knowledge, it will serve as a foundation for staff to undertake and successfully accomplish their assigned tasks and apply them in their daily lives.

Below are some images from the training session:


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