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Activities - social work

Activities - social work

Amecc – Join the work day at marine university

On June 11, AMECC participated in the annual job fair organized by Vietnam Maritime University in collaboration with local businesses. More than 1000 students and employees, along with more than 34 businesses, participated in the direct recruitment of hundreds of job positions in various fields.

“Job Day 2022” is a place for students to connect with employers, where businesses exchange and share living and working experiences with new graduates who are about to receive their diplomas, and is a place for students to find out the opinions of businesses, thereby changing, developing and expanding training programs appropriate to the labor market.

At the job fair 2022, there were more than 34 businesses participating. With the criterion of always seeking and creating the best conditions for students and employees to promote their own capacity. AMECC Mechanical Construction Joint Stock Company accompanies the festival, providing more than 200 jobs for students and workers.

The Job Fair helps students have the opportunity to interact, demonstrate their abilities and find job opportunities at reputable recruitment agencies. You get to experience the real world, share the working environment with businesses and challenge opportunities for students in the increasingly demanding labor market. The first and second year students look at it to orient their careers and develop new skills in the 4.0 industrial era.

This activity creates conditions for the University to promote the process of improving the quality of human resources, meeting the increasing needs of society and serving the development of the country.

Job fair is a regular event that AMECC Mechanical Construction Joint Stock Company participates in with the desire to find talented students and create jobs for workers in the area. The Company's side highly appreciates VMU students with a different color, well-trained and quality. At the end of the recruitment session, more than 15 job positions have been given to talented students by the Company, the Company hopes that you will cultivate, learn and show all your talents.

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