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Activities - social work

Activities - social work

Amecc – Launching the 5s movement throughout the company

Recognizing that 5S activities are the foundation to create a neat and scientific working environment, create an enthusiastic working atmosphere, help employees have more opportunities to promote creativity and increase initiative, technical improvement. From 5S activities will improve the collective spirit, encourage harmony among all employees, through which employees will work with a positive attitude, be more responsible for work, timely screen irregularities management in the process of handling work as well as working style.

On 9/7/2022 AMECC Mechanical and Construction Joint Stock Company launched the 5S movement throughout the Company with the theme "5S foundation - Steady forward". This is an opportunity for departments/departments to learn and practice 5S standards in their own working environment.

This is one of the regular events of AMECC Mechanical and Construction Joint Stock Company. The 5S movement has been widely deployed to all units in the company with the aim of creating a neat, clean and airy working environment, and at the same time minimizing the waste of time searching for records, documents, waste. material costs, improve the sense of responsibility, create comfort in the working process, thereby increasing labor productivity. 5S is not only a tool to create a neat and convenient working environment, but also focuses on human development, helping to improve self-discipline, responsibility and collective spirit; encourage harmony, mutual support, so that everyone is more responsible for their work. 5S is deployed synchronously associated with the process of continuing learning and awareness. Employees of the units can learn, practice and apply 5S implementation techniques, thereby forming improved skills in daily work. This is the ultimate goal that 5S is aiming for, contributing to creating awareness for employees to practice self-discipline at work as well as in daily life.

A clean, tidy, neat and convenient working environment helps each employee feel comfortable, excited and motivated to do the job. That is the change since AMECC departments/companies follow 5S standards.

With enthusiasm, intelligence and youth, AMECC employees are determined to successfully apply 5S at the Company to create a scientific working environment, improve efficiency and work quality. An AMECC employee is proud of his workplace, enhances the promotion of the initiative of everyone in the Company, avoids unnecessary waste, contributes to bringing the image of the Company to a higher level. new.

After starting the movement, the Board of Directors and all employees of the Company conducted a general cleaning of the entire office area of ​​the Company; screening and removing unnecessary materials; Label and properly position tools and equipment.

Here are some pictures from the launch event:


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