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Activities - social work

Activities - social work

The Amecc Company participated in the event "Green Saturday" at Nam Dinh Vu Industrial Park.


On June 17th, the Amecc Mechanical Construction Joint Stock Company participated in the "Green Saturday" event as a subsidiary of the Global Module Center Joint Stock Company. This event, organized by Sao Do Group, is an annual activity aimed at boosting team spirit, fostering connections, and unity. "Green Saturday" has become a meaningful characteristic of enterprises operating in Nam Dinh Vu Industrial Park concerning environmental initiatives.

Before entering the first stage of the competition, the 18 participating teams engaged in physical warm-ups, fostered team spirit, and ignited creativity through the "brand flag decoration," naming teams and slogans, and designing paper bags centered around environmental themes. With 18 different colors, each team brought forth unique and interesting ideas, continuously surprising the spectators.

Through such meaningful activities, Amecc Company and other enterprises at Nam Dinh Vu Industrial Park aim to collectively build a Green living community, contributing their small part and spreading positive values. Together, we look further ahead, not only to develop businesses and the industrial park but also to create a sustainable future.

To advance businesses and the industrial park towards sustainability, immediate action is needed. Environmental protection stands as one of the most crucial factors. Let's concentrate on creating advanced solutions, utilizing green technology and clean production processes, minimizing negative impacts on the environment.

Companies within Nam Dinh Vu Industrial Park, including Amecc Company, pledge to implement environmental protection measures to ensure sustainable development. Let's harness modern technology and production processes to reduce emissions, save energy, and recycle resources. Moreover, creating a Green living community also requires participation and support from the community. We can organize volunteer activities such as waste collection, tree planting, or participation in environmental education programs. Simultaneously, creating green spaces within the industrial park area provides not only a good working environment but also a place for relaxation and bonding for employees.

Amecc Company commits to continuing its participation in green activities and ensuring that all our activities are carried out according to sustainable standards. We review and implement measures to minimize the impact of production activities on the environment while also creating social benefits for the community.

We value the spirit of unity and connection not only within the company but also with other businesses in the area. We can collaborate to share experiences, techniques, and sustainable solutions. By working together, we can achieve better results and create a greener future for all.

Let's accompany each other and build a sustainable Nam Dinh Vu Industrial Park, where businesses thrive, and the community lives in a healthy and friendly environment. We are responsible and capable of making changes. By leveraging teamwork, connection, and solidarity, we can build a greener future for future generations.

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