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Dear Clients, Shareholders, and Employees of AMECC.

In the atmosphere of welcoming the New Year 2021 and preparing to welcome the national traditional New Year, on behalf of the Board of Directors of the Company would like to send to all of you and your families best wishes on Happy New Year.

By the spirit of solidarity and creativity, solutions and ideas that are gradually being realized and the best efforts of each of us have contributed to increasing labor productivity, improving efficiency and ensuring ensure safety, improve the working environment and bring benefits to the community including us and step by step affirm our leading position in the field of fabrication, construction and installation.

Every event, every success of AMECC marks the cooperation & support of Clients, merits of the company's employees. During the transition between the old and the new year, we have the right to be proud of the time passed, of the difficulties we have overcome, of the achievements we have achieved.

The year 2021 opens a new period with new challenges and goals. Just have the trust, determination, solidarity, and consensus of all employees of the Company, I believe we will do better and better, successfully complete the production and business tasks in 2021, build AMECC brand more firmly and stronger. With consistent goals, make efforts to renovate training plans, be creative in production and business, drastically act in the management system, and set up management policies. The Board of Directors believes that AMECC can successfully and comprehensively implement the 2021 plan and bring the Company into an advanced and modern direction.

Each year is a blooming season, each year is a bountiful season, the Board of Directors would like to wish all Clients, Shareholders, and Employees and the families a new year “Healthy - Lucky- Success”.

With best regards!


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