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AMECC - More than 260 staff, employees, partners and customers attended the event to launch the emulation movement with the spirit and enthusiasm that showed the spread and heat of the Sarawak Module Installation project.

On the evening of June 3, 2022, the launching ceremony of the Sarawak project emulation with the theme "40 days and nights completing the progress of the Sarawak Module erection project" was held in an explosive and exciting atmosphere at Module Center Nam Dinh Vu - Hai Phong. The ceremony was organized by Trade Union of AMECC Mechanical Construction Joint Stock Company, Board of Human Resources. The event attracted the participation of more than 260 staffs and employees from AMECC, partners, customers of SamSung Engineering and project members..

Inspired by the image of enthusiastic, energetic soldiers, ready to overcome challenges to reach success, the Launch Ceremony took place in a vibrant and fiery atmosphere. The enthusiasm of the staffs and employees made the atmosphere of the event hot, leaving many emotions and an impressive aftertaste.

Unique music, spectacular stage, exciting atmosphere... all contributed to creating an attractive, impressive and elaborate event.

Speaking at the Launching Ceremony, the representative of the Organizing Committee - Mr. Nguyen Huu Phong - Chairman of the Trade Union of AMECC said: “We want to spread the fire of energetic and enthusiastic soldiers to all participants. Officers and employees. Each officer and employee will be a soldier, each unit participating in the project will be a team of soldiers, accompanying the project to the final stage."

During the event, the latest information about the project was shared, helping employees to understand more about the project. To encourage the staff, employees, the event has many attractive games, lucky draws with many valuable gifts.

Along with that, in order to successfully implement the goals, targets and tasks that the Company has entrusted to the Sarawak Project in order to contribute to the development of the Company's business plan in 2022 and at the same time create the prestige, AMECC's trademark for investors. AMECC trade union mobilizes Sarawak project employees to be active, dynamic, creative, promote technical innovation initiatives, increase labor productivity; promote research and application of scientific and technical advances, information technology into production, business and economic management; improving competitiveness, sustainable development, stabilizing jobs and incomes for employees, contributing to the correct implementation of quality assurance work items, in accordance with the provisions of the signed contract.

In order to encourage employees to enthusiastically emulate production and labor, the Company's trade union supports overtime meals from June 1, 2022 to the end of July 10, 2022; The Human Resources Board is responsible for buying cakes, milk, fruits, bread, instant noodles... (depending on the actual situation) and distributing them to Sarawak Project Board for timely delivery to project staff.

In order to complete the plan "Emulating the implementation of the 40-day campaign from June 1, 2022 to July 10, 2022", it is recommended that Sarawak Project Board's staff and employees unite, join hands, and work together. Enthusiastically emulate production labor, actively respond to the launching movement of the Company. If the project is completed on schedule as required by the investor, the Company will deduct a bonus fund of VND 300,000,000 to encourage employees of the Sarawak project.

About the SARAWAK project:

Sarawak Petchem Methanol is one of the key projects exported to Malaysia in the field of energy industry development. This is a project with the cooperation of SamSung Engineering Company and AMECC Mechanical Construction Joint Stock Company, started manufacturing on 10/10/21; On December 10, 2021, at Nam Dinh Vu Module Center, the groundbreaking ceremony for the module installation of the project was conducted. AMECC and Investor Samsung Engineering strive to become the module manufacturing center of petrochemical plants in particular and the energy industry in general in Asia by 2023.

We hope that all Sarawak project employees will strive to overcome all difficulties and challenges, successfully carry out the tasks assigned by the Company in order to contribute to completing the emulation agreement to implement the 40-day campaign (January 1/ June 2022 - July 10, 2022). The Board of Directors of the Company, the Executive Board of the Company's Trade Union and the Company's employees and employees always accompany and create all material and spiritual conditions for Sarawak Project employees to complete the project's milestones.

Here are some pictures of the ceremony:


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