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AMECC has completed the rigorous program of the American Society of Mechanical Engineers (ASME) and has been re-certified.

AMECC has completed the demanding American Society of Mechanical Engineers (ASME) for U certification for Pressure vessel & S certification for Boiler. In addition, AMECC also qualified for PP certification for piping fabrication.

          AMECC was assessed for ASME certification for the first time on March 22, 2016. The second certification assessment on 22/3/2019 (every three years).

AMECC conducts a comprehensive assessment for the Third ASME certification from February 7th to 8th, 2022.

This assessment shows that AMECC's quality management system has always been stable and continue to improve. The assessment team was conducted by ASME auditors, Mr. Hitoshi Kishida (Team leader), Mr. Tran Hoang Nguyen (AI).  The Contents of the two working days were: Evaluation of system design, procurement, quality, processing. Expected before March 22, 2022: AMECC will receive the 3rd ASME certificate on this list.

Expected before March 22, 2022: AMECC will receive this prestigious Third ASME certificate.

Mr. Dang Van Dat, Head of Safety & Quality Management said that: “AMECC continues to rise and take its place in the world of heavy industry, where quality is the focus and priority along with safety and productivity”. In addition to the Third ASME certification, AMECC is also AISC certified, ISO 45000: 2018 Certified in the year 2022.

Below is a picture of the evaluation session

P1: AMSE Joint review meeting

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