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Annual ceremony launching the campaign to achieve 3500 tons - the power of unity and innovation at amecc company

In an atmosphere filled with excitement and unity, Amecc Company held its annual campaign launch aiming to achieve a production target of 3500 tons on September 4th, 2023, at the company's headquarters. The event attracted active participation from all employees as well as the member companies of Amecc. With the goal of reaching a production target of 3500 tons, this ceremony marked a significant milestone in the company's development, showcasing the spirit of unity, innovation, and determination of the entire Amecc team.

The ceremony was held immediately after Vietnam's National Day holiday on September 2nd. This is an important time in the country's history, and organizing the event at this juncture reflected a patriotic spirit and pride in the company. Those in attendance were not only hardworking laborers but also patriotic citizens.

The ceremony commenced with a flag-raising accompanied by the singing of the Vietnamese national anthem. This created a solemn atmosphere, honoring the spirit of national unity. Attendees stood together under the national flag, a symbol of unity and national pride.

Flag Raising Ceremony with the National Anthem of Vietnam

A professional MC adeptly took charge of introducing and orchestrating the ceremony seamlessly. The MC introduced the significance of the event to everyone and outlined the important activities scheduled for the ceremony.

An integral part of the event was the representatives of production units delivering reports on the production outcomes in August 2023. This was an opportunity for everyone to collectively review the achievements and challenges encountered. These reports also helped evaluate production performance and propose measures for future improvements.

Report on Production Results for August 2023

Following the production reports from the various units, Mr. Lê Minh Tuấn - Deputy General Director took the floor to summarize the production outcomes. He praised the dedication and efforts of all employees within the company. He also highly praised the outstanding performance of the production units that had completed their tasks remarkably. He shared the company's new goal, aiming to achieve 90% of the production plan in September 2023, including the implementation of major projects such as the Quảng Trạch Thermal Power Plant and the Qatar RLP project… He expressed confidence that with the unity and determination of the entire team, the company would overcome all challenges and achieve its goals.

Summary of Production Results by Mr. Le Minh Tuan - Deputy General Director

The General Director of Amecc Company - Mr. Nguyễn Văn Thọ, an adept leader, delivered an inspiring and motivational speech. He commended the hard work, unity, and creativity of all employees. He set a new goal for the company, aiming to complete a production volume of 4000 tons in September 2023. Particularly, he expressed confidence and determination in advancing significant projects such as the Quảng Trạch Thermal Power Plant and the Qatar RLP project into their subsequent implementation phases. He encouraged everyone that with unity and relentless efforts, all challenges would be overcome, leading the company to success.

Speech by the General Director - Mr. Nguyen Van Tho

The ceremony was not only a moment for summarization and speeches but also an opportunity for the company to honor outstanding individuals and units. In this segment, exemplary units in business production activities were presented with gifts and commendation certificates to acknowledge their outstanding contributions to the company's success. Particularly, the Quảng Ninh Branch was honored for surpassing the installation targets for the project exceptionally well. Amecc Branches 1 and 2 were also commended for exceeding the targets in manufacturing processes. These awards are not just accolades but also serve as encouragement and motivation for all the labor force within the company.

Gift Giving and Commendations

The event concluded amidst excitement and gratitude to all those who participated and contributed to Amecc's success. This occasion showcased the strength of the company's unity and determination in achieving production goals and sustainable development.

The Amecc's Annual Campaign Launch for Completing 3,500 Tons witnessed extensive participation from all staff members and affiliate companies. This monthly event highlights the company's commitment to meeting production targets and ensuring sustainable growth. The blend of unity, patriotism, and innovation made this event memorable. Amecc has set new objectives and hopes that with relentless effort, they will achieve greater success in the future.

Chanting the slogan of determination.

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