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On March 9th, 2022, AMECC implemented digital conversion with Base Enterprise Joint Stock Company.

           Base is an open and intelligent platform and has a wide range of applications to support businesses. The Board of Directors of AMECC Mechanical Construction Joint Stock Company expects Base to be an important factor to help the Company develop, improve management efficiency, save time and costs in management and administration. Base is made up of three main components: Data & Artificial Intelligence (Data & AI), Interaction, and Platform (Open Platform) and is integrated into a common platform.

             Technology in the Industry 4.0 era is changing the world on a daily basis. More than ever before, technology is changing the way we work together. Technology helps us collaborate more effectively, govern smarter, find customers faster, and most importantly, it helps us make better decisions based on data analytics.

                General Director Nguyen Van Tho said: “It is necessary to apply digital transformation to the governance of AMECC Company and its member companies to improve management efficiency, save time and reduce costs. Administrative tasks (reduce all paperwork, speed up operations by reducing internal friction, optimize resources by reducing "downtime" and increase productivity by standardizing information systems, processes work). Digital transformation is the application of advanced digital technologies to processes, products and assets to improve efficiency, add value to customers, manage risk, and navigate through opportunities that create new revenue. In the face of the strong development of AMECC and its member companies, we must fundamentally change the way we operate and be ready for change. AMECC has invested a lot in infrastructure, facilities and high-tech equipment, but it is not allowed to neglect the investment in people. Digital transformation is one of the best ways to invest in people according to the Company's Slogan: "Tomorrow together".

             The Covid-19 pandemic creates many difficulties and challenges for AMECC in particular and production and business enterprises in general. The successful companies will be the ones that create products and solutions that are good for people's lives. The companies that fail will be those that do not know how to benefit from new technologies and do not leverage data to predict trends and demand and do not know how to improve the workforce.

General Director Nguyen Van Tho also pointed out 10 advantages of digital transformation for AMECC and its member companies:

               1. Reduce costs by saving time in processes.

               2. Decentralize production by facilitating mobility and remote communications.

                 3. Improve operational efficiency and productivity.

               4. Opens the door to new business and revenue opportunities, enabling the creation of new products and services.

               5. Accelerates response to changes in market demand.

               6. Create a competitive edge for the company by improving the quality of the products.

               7. Foster a culture of innovation that prepares the company to anticipate any disruptions, challenges, and difficulties.

               8. Improve integration and internal collaboration by facilitating cross-departmental communication.

               9. Support for decision making by deep data analysis (Big Data).

               10. Attracting new talent, promoting the recognition of Quality Management systems.

       On March 9th, 2022, AMECC held a "Kick-off" ceremony to deploy digital transformation on Base.vn platform.

           Attending the ceremony, on the side of Base Enterprise Joint Stock Company, there were: Ms. Bui Thi Hong Hanh - Project Manager for the Northern region and members of the project team with AMECC.

             On the side of AMECC, there were General Director Nguyen Van Tho, the Board of Directors, and all leaders of the Department/Board and the digital transformation vanguard team.

         Kick-Off session content:

- Kick-Off Ceremony – The AMECC Board of Directors launched the digital transformation project in 2022. The Board of Directors set the goal of "Success at AMECC", along with 5 principles to ensure the two sides will Achieving goals includes: Take drastic action and avoid wasting time; Leaders go first, teams follow; Smooth transitions, minimizing friction; Accurate praise, timely encouragement; Constructive spirit, frank exchange.

- Unifying principles and implementation roadmap: Base points out 5 successful implementation steps, including: Establishing a pioneer team, surveying and preparing data; Guide the pioneer team to set up the system; Internal communication, Extended training with the staff in the whole enterprise; Officially operated on Base platform.

- Basic implementation guide & Q&A.

             At the end of the ceremony, Ms. Hanh - Representative of Base said: "The establishment of a pioneering team of more than 60 employees from the Board of Directors and managers at all levels is unprecedented in other businesses. This has partly demonstrated the fierceness, discipline and working principles of a leading enterprise with great vision and ambition."

Here are some pictures of the ceremony:


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