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The inauguration ceremony of the amecc mechanical manufacturing plant - marking a new milestone in the development of amecc trading joint stock company

On August 12, 2023, at the headquarters of Amecc Mechanical Construction Joint Stock Company, a significant and meaningful event took place - The Inauguration Ceremony of the Amecc Mechanical Manufacturing Plant. The ceremony was attended by the Board of Directors, employees, partners, and enthusiastic participation from the subsidiary companies within the Amecc Mechanical Construction Joint Stock Company system. This event not only commemorated Amecc's remarkable development but also affirmed the pivotal role of the mechanical industry in the nation's sustainable development.

The inauguration ceremony commenced with the eloquence of the Master of Ceremonies, who passionately introduced the significance of this event. This occasion not only held personal significance but also showcased the cooperation and unity of all employees in bringing this project to fruition.

Ms. Nguyen Thi Ha, CEO of Amecc Trading Company, made a speech regarding the reason for its establishment

Ms. Nguyen Thi Ha, CEO of Amecc Trading Company, delivered an emotional speech about the company's developmental journey and the rationale behind establishing the Amecc Mechanical Trading Factory. She shared that investing in the mechanical industry not only brings economic value but also contributes to innovation, enhances the quality of Amecc's products, generates employment opportunities, and contributes to the sustainable development of society.

Ribbon Cutting Ceremony

The highlight of the event was the ribbon-cutting ceremony inaugurating the Amecc Mechanical Trading Factory. This event not only marked a new phase of development for Amecc but also showcased the aspirations and relentless efforts of the entire staff and employees.

Mr. Nguyen Van Tho's Congratulatory Speech at the Inauguration Ceremony

Mr. Nguyen Van Tho, a representative from a subsidiary company within the Amecc Mechanical Construction Joint Stock Company, delivered a congratulatory speech at the inauguration ceremony. He expressed delight and confidence in Amecc's future prospects while emphasizing the crucial role of the mechanical industry's development within the current economic landscape.

The Factory Inauguration Fire-Lighting Ceremony

Another significant moment during the ceremony was the fire-lighting ceremony for the factory. By igniting the fire, Amecc showcased its readiness to operate and manufacture within the new facility, prepared to meet market demands and contribute to the industry's development.

The inauguration ceremony concluded with an important segment: a commemorative photo session. This was an opportunity for everyone to celebrate and preserve the memorable moments of this significant event.

The Inauguration of Amecc's Commercial Mechanical Manufacturing Plant witnessed the unity and relentless efforts of all the employees of Amecc Trading Joint Stock Company. This event not only highlighted the significance of the mechanical engineering industry but also marked Amecc's commitment to sustainable development and its dedication to the future.

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