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The Launching Ceremony for Achieving the Target of 3500 Tons

On June 7, 2023, at Amecc Mechanical Construction Joint Stock Company, the 'Launching Ceremony for Achieving the Target of 3500 Tons' took place, marking the beginning of a highly meaningful competitive movement. The event saw the enthusiastic participation of over 1,000 employees, the leadership board, and subsidiaries of Amecc Mechanical Construction Joint Stock Company. This launching ceremony signifies a significant milestone in the company's development journey for June 2023 in particular and sets the direction for the year 2023.

With a spirit of unity and a determination to rise, Amecc Company has set a goal to achieve a volume of 3500 tons in June 2023. This is a challenging task, yet the active participation of over 1,000 employees, the leadership team, and subsidiary companies has generated a strong drive to reach this objective.

The launching ceremony took place in an atmosphere of excitement and solemnity. The Amecc Company's leadership organized a meeting to present the specific goal and direction for this competitive movement. They emphasized the importance of unity and consensus in achieving the common goal.

Employees, together with staff from subsidiary companies, pledged active participation and wholehearted dedication to reach the 3500-ton target in June 2023. Each individual recognizes their crucial role in this process and commits to contributing their utmost for success.

The launching ceremony has disseminated inspiration and motivation throughout the entire workforce. Plans and solutions have been proposed to enhance work efficiency, improve production processes, and optimize coordination among departments within the company. Simultaneously, team training activities and employee development have been emphasized to elevate the team's capabilities and skills.

Moreover, Amecc Company has established clear evaluation criteria and assigned responsibilities to ensure a fair and transparent competitive process. Progress reports are organized regularly and disclosed, fostering a positive and competitive work environment.

The launching ceremony wasn’t just a mere event; it was also an occasion to show appreciation and encouragement to the employees. The company's leadership expressed gratitude and motivation to everyone who contributed to this competitive movement. Additionally, they pledged to create a better working environment and opportunities for employee development in the future.

The launching ceremony for achieving the target of 3500 tons has fostered unity and cohesion within the Amecc Company team. It's not merely a specific goal for June 2023 or the year 2023; it's also the foundation to build a successful and sustainable future for the company.

With the enthusiastic participation of over 1,000 employees, the leadership team, and subsidiary companies, Amecc Company has reaffirmed its determination and capabilities. The goal to achieve 3500 tons marks a significant milestone in propelling Amecc Company further along its path of development and success.

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