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The official launch ceremony of the base platform operation at amecc mechanical construction joint stock company: A significant digital transformation journey to overcome

On September 27th, 2023, a significant event took place at Amecc Mechanical Construction Joint Stock Company: The official launch ceremony of the Base Platform's operation at Amecc. This project is a vital component of Amecc's long-term development strategy and has garnered special attention from the company's leadership. At the current stage, Amecc's project with Base has reached its final phase, ready for official operation. The official launch ceremony of the Base Platform marked a pivotal milestone in the company's digital transformation journey.

The ceremony was attended by Mr. Nguyen Van Tho - CEO of Amecc, Mr. Le Minh Tuan - Deputy CEO of Amecc, Ms. Nguyen Thi Loan Anh - Digital Transformation Director at Base, along with the entire team involved in the Base project from both sides and the staff of Amecc.

Base Platform, a leading enterprise management platform in Vietnam, was implemented at Amecc since 2022 with the aim of improving productivity and efficiency at Amecc, while facilitating the company's comprehensive digital transformation. The digital transformation project faced numerous challenges and obstacles that both parties overcame together.

In his opening speech, Mr. Le Minh Tuan, Deputy CEO of Amecc, shared thoughts and the importance of digital transformation in the industry and Amecc's commitment to this project. He emphasized that in order to achieve the production and business goals set by the company's leadership, the digital transformation solution was essential and simultaneously implemented the Base operational management software and the ERP software. Initially, the implementation of the Base software in 2022 faced certain setbacks due to subjective and objective reasons. However, with the determination to successfully execute the project, Amecc collaborated with Base to transition to phase 2 starting from June 28th, 2023. After 3 months of phase 2 implementation, with determination, seriousness, and specificity in each department, each process, and by combining checks for each trained employee, the operation of Base across the entire Amecc system has shown significant and encouraging effects. It can be said that the initial phase of the project has achieved remarkable success, demonstrating the correct determination of the company's leadership, the enthusiasm and dedication of the business team, and the diligent learning attitude of all Amecc staff involved in receiving and undergoing the transition training.

Mr. Le Minh Tuan - Deputy CEO of Amecc delivers the opening speech at the event.

During the program, representatives from the Base implementation team shared insights aimed at aiding the successful and effective continuation of Amecc's digital transformation project.

Mr. Pham Cong Viet, head of the Base solution implementation department, delivered a speech, presenting the outcomes of the Phase 2 implementation in 2023, comparing them with the 2022 results, highlighting the existing issues yet to be resolved, and providing plans, directions, and solutions for those existing issues. He clearly presented specific data regarding the volume of work, processes, proposals, documents, and meetings that Amecc handled within the operational system, showcasing the achievements made. Additionally, he addressed the remaining challenges that both sides will continue to collaborate on resolving in the future.

Mr. Pham Cong Viet - Head of Implementation Solutions at Base.vn reports on the project's outcomes.

Mr. Tran Dinh Khanh - Head of Solutions Consulting at Base, further elaborated on the journey and digital transformation strategy for the upcoming phases at Amecc. Accordingly, Amecc's digital transformation journey has passed through the digitization phase and is entering the optimization phase. Amecc needs to strive to surpass the optimization phase to proceed to the final and most crucial stage: Datafication and decision-making based on data. He evaluated the progress steps and presented specific proposals to ensure Amecc's success in this digital transformation journey.

Mr. Tran Dinh Khanh - Head of Solution Consulting at Base.vn shares the digital transformation strategy for Amecc.

In between the presentations, an engaging part of the event was a prize-winning game session where all Amecc staff had the chance to showcase their knowledge and skills in utilizing the Base Platform in their daily tasks. It was an excellent way for them to interact with the new solution and grasp its practical application. As a result, 10 outstanding staff members answered the questions correctly and received valuable prizes.

Amecc employees actively participated in the quiz game.

An essential and integral part of the digital transformation project's wrap-up events is the recognition and awarding segment for individuals and teams at Amecc who have made significant contributions to the project or have achieved outstanding performance in recent training sessions.

During this segment, Mr. Le Minh Tuan honored and rewarded individuals and teams at Amecc for their excellent contributions to the implementation of the Base Platform. These individuals played a crucial role in ensuring the successful execution of the digital transformation project. For their significant contributions, Mr. Dinh Quang Khanh, the project team leader at Amecc, and the entire Human Resources Administration Department received well-deserved recognition and rewards from the company. Additionally, for their outstanding training results, 13 Amecc staff members also received certificates and deserving rewards. Furthermore, Amecc's leadership also presented certificates and tokens of appreciation to the Base implementation team, acknowledging their substantial contributions to the Base project at Amecc.

The excellent training results of Amecc members were rewarded by the company.

The pioneering project team of Amecc was honored by the company.

The Base implementation team receives certification and commendations from Amecc.

In the closing speech of the event, Mr. Nguyen Van Tho, General Director of Amecc, summarized the project and outlined the next steps for integrating Base into the company's practical operations. He once again shared the leadership's concern regarding the project, especially during the initial phase when it faced challenges. Consequently, Amecc made the decision to reassess and collaborate closely with Base to identify the reasons for the initial setbacks and to devise specific solutions and a roadmap for the successful execution of Phase 2. Today, the reported figures reflect the encouraging initial achievements of the project. On behalf of the leadership and Amecc, he expressed gratitude for the enthusiastic support, dedication, and responsibility demonstrated by Base.vn.

Mr. Nguyen Van Tho - General Director of Amecc's closing speech

The General Director of Amecc reiterated that the digital transformation process is still in its early stages and couldn't guarantee the overall success of the project in the long run, as it depends on the relentless efforts of both teams. Amecc's leadership commits to continuing to invest resources, actively participating in system operations to ensure the project's success, and leading Amecc's digital transformation to its final stage.

The highest leader of Amecc further shared that Amecc chose Base right from the start, a Vietnamese software product, aiming for interaction, support, connection, mutual assistance, fostering development, and enhancing Vietnam's strength in the market. Amecc aims to build and develop the Vietnamese brand, including customer partners, among which Base is one.

At the end of the event, Ms. Nguyen Thi Loan Anh, on behalf of the Base leadership, presented flowers and a commemorative cup to Mr. Nguyen Van Tho, the General Director of Amecc. She expressed emotions, gratitude, and hopes for long-term cooperation between both sides, emphasizing Base's principle that places the success of the customer as the ultimate goal in any collaborative project. Base remains ready to support Amecc in reaching the final destination of the project.

The Base leadership presented flowers and a commemorative cup to the Amecc leadership.

At the end of the event, all members from both sides took commemorative photos together to capture this important moment and demonstrate the unity and collaboration between Amecc and Base Platform.

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