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The Southeast Asia Mechanical Engineering Technical Committee of SANKYU - Organized a meeting at Amecc

The significant meeting of the Southeast Asia Mechanical Engineering Technical Committee of SANKYU, one of Japan's leading conglomerates, took place at Amecc Company on the 15th and 16th of June 2023. This event holds immense importance for Amecc, being chosen as the venue for a meeting of such prominence by a large and reputable conglomerate like SANKYU.

The meeting attracted the attention of top leaders and experts in the field of mechanical engineering. Delegates gathered to discuss and exchange insights on advancements and challenges within this industry. It was an opportunity for both sides to understand and learn from each other, laying the groundwork for future collaboration.

The meeting of the Southeast Asia Mechanical Engineering Technical Committee of Sankyu at Amecc Company contributed significantly to enhancing the company's credibility and reputation in the mechanical industry. Moreover, it provided a platform to showcase Amecc's professionalism, organizational capabilities, and developmental vision.

On the final day of the meeting, a special activity took place - an exchange of business cards between the leaders of Amecc Company and the SANKYU delegation. This reflects one of the significant cultural aspects of the Japanese, where exchanging business cards is not merely a gesture of politeness but also embodies profound meaning regarding respect and care for partners.

After the meeting, the Sankyu delegation also toured Amecc Company's factory and infrastructure facilities. Through this visit, the delegation directly witnessed the manufacturing process and advanced technologies implemented at Amecc. This provided them with an overview of the company's manufacturing capabilities and quality, reaffirming Amecc's position in the mechanical engineering industry.

The SANKYU delegation was guided on a tour of the 16-hectare site under construction by GMC, a joint project involving Amecc Company, HPS Company, and Samsung Engineering. This is a significant project, representing breakthroughs in the field of mechanical engineering and technology. Hosting the SANKYU delegation for this visit showcases high appreciation and close collaboration among the partners.

In addition, the delegation also visited Nam Dinh Vu Port, one of the largest deep-water ports in Hai Phong. The port tour aimed to provide the SANKYU delegation with a comprehensive view of Hai Phong's transportation infrastructure, particularly in the maritime sector. Nam Dinh Vu Port is not only a modern and well-equipped deep-water port but also plays a crucial role in boosting import-export activities in the region.

The delegation had a firsthand view of the operational processes and management at the port, while being introduced to Hai Phong's international cargo transportation capabilities. This aided in their understanding of Hai Phong's potential and its development capabilities in the fields of logistics and international trade.

This meeting and visit mark a significant milestone in the relationship between Amecc Company and SANKYU. Being selected as the venue for the meeting and being highly regarded for its infrastructure and development potential is a recognition of Amecc's efforts and contributions to the engineering and mechanical industry.

Amecc Company hopes that the collaboration with SANKYU and other partners will continue to grow, bringing forth new successes and opportunities. Hosting the SANKYU delegation and sharing Amecc's achievements and potential is a way to build a reliable and sustainable relationship for the future.

Amecc, along with its dedicated and professional team, will continue relentless efforts to develop and deliver breakthrough, high-quality engineering solutions for its customers.

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