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The contract for manufacturing and installing the Sarawak Petchem Methanol project module complex was signed on May 31, 2021 between Samsung Engineering and AMECC Mechanical Construction Joint Stock Company.

Started fabrication on 10/10/21, on 10/12/2021 AMECC Mechanical Construction Joint Stock Company solemnly held the groundbreaking ceremony to install the first Module of Sarawak project at Nam Dinh Vu Port.

This is one of the key projects exported to Malaysia in the field of energy industry development. Information about the project:

- Owner: Sarawak Petchem

 - EPC contractor: Samsung Engineering.

 - Contract volume: 5,500 tons.

 - Job content: Fabrication, assembling, and transporting and loadout  Modules.

Sarawak Chemical Plant Project - Malaysia was built with a capacity of 5000 tons of chemical products/day in the coastal city of Sarawak, Malaysia.

The plant is expected to come into operation in 2023.

AMECC updates the progress of the SARAWAK project to February 22, 2022:

The overall progress of the project reached 32.75% compared with the plan of 31.7%, exceeding the schedule by 1.05%. The specific status of the items is as follows:

1. Design: Submitted enough Shop Dwg design for 13/13 modules, customer approved 12/13 Modules.

2. Procurement: Structural materials purchased for AMECC have returned 99%.

SECL supplies: Piping level 90%, Power supply 90%, Equipment is expected to be issued on March 30, 2022, Lot 1, Lot 2 level 30/4/2022.

3. Fabrication: Fabrication 1300T/2200T structure. Paint reaches 20000/41000 m2, pipes reach 12400 dia/ 47400 dia. The installation of Mode structural part has reached 450 T/2000 T (completed the main structure 01 Module / 13 Module).

Here are some pictures of Project SARAWAK:


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