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Repair & Maintenance

Repair & Maintenance


Petroleum is an essential energy commodity which is used extensively for internal combustion engines to meet the needs of transportation and production. But not many people know that there is a very complex system of production lines behind a liter of gasoline. That means there are many great technical challenges on maintenance and repair of a Refinery plant.

At the Dung Quat Oil Refinery, there is a Cluster of Catalytic Reaction and Reaction Catalysts - in RFCC, which is approximately 67 meters high, equivalent to a 15-storey building, is called the “Heart” of the plant. This is also a place gathering the most complexity, difficulty in the maintenance process with 24/24 working time. High-rise, multi-storey tower, but many narrow technical pipeline, with a diameter of only 1m wide so the construction faces many challenges to meet safety goals and technical assurance.


The TA3 of BSR performs maintenance of dozens of valves whose weight is also several tons, even more than 10 tons. “We are probably the most valve maintenance contractor in this TA3," said Le Hai Anh, a supervisor at AMECC Mechanical Construction Joint stock company. There are 8 places to be maintained and repaired such as SV-1503-VO 01 valve, SV-1503-VO 02 valve, SV-1504 VO valve, SV-1501 slide valve, EX-001/002/003/004/005/006 patches, pipe at rear of SV-1503 valve, replace patch for WDW, replace Airlift pipe ".

Amecc maintain Dung quat refinery plant 3rd

A section of airlift pipe is being maintained (Photo by Duc Chinh)

Amecc maintain Dung quat refinery plant 3rd

AMECC cuts and dismantles the equipment for replacement at RFCC workshop (photo by Duc Chinh)

Amecc maintain Dung quat refinery plant 3rd

Preparing to weld the equipment for replacement at RFCC workshop (Photo by Duc Chinh)

“Observation of the replacement of SV 1501 slide valve is very interesting. The old van was lowered down on 17/6/2017, 5 days later; the new valve should be positioned 20 meters above the ground. Thinking the lifting a valve of 11.7 tons to a height of the 5th floor of the building look easy but actually it’s not. The moving way along the straight line of the valve is quite complex which is surrounded by steel structures, process piping and other equipment systems, the position to put the valve is narrow so the careless lifting can cause damages or breaking down, even overturn to crane. According to Mr. Nguyen Van Trinh, a supervisor of AMECC, the center of the valve and crane have not been correct yet, so they need more time to calculate them.

Amecc maintain Dung quat refinery plant 3rd

SV 1501 Valve of 11.7 ton weight is being lifted up (Photo by Duc Chinh)

Amecc maintain Dung quat refinery plant 3rd

The valve has been lifted safely to its position by crane (Photo by Duc Chinh)

Experts of O&M and of AMECC propose a most feasible solution, that is: after craning the valve up to the location nearby the the pre-installed fixed system for moving the valve, using many chain blocks for fixing the valve. Next, use the roller for moving the valve 1501 slowly into its position, then proceed with welding and assembly. Finally, the valve had been lifted safely to its location on 22nd Jun.


By: Quang Minh

Photo: by Duc Chinh (BRS)

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