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In the afternoon of 02 October 2012, at the site of Tuyen Quang Sugar Project in Tuyen Quang province, Directors' board and Trade union of LISEMCO 2 co-operated with Son Duong cane-sugar JSC on installation emulation with the aim of completing the work in compliance with the approved time schedule and plan.


Attending on the ceremony: Mr Bui Hung Thinh - General Director of Son Duong cane-sugar JSC- on behalf of the Owner. Mr Nguyen Van Tho - General Director and Mr Le Dinh Tu- Trade Union Chairman- on behalf of LISEMCO 2 Contractor, together with 120 workers of LISEMCO 2 at the site. With the general target is striving for completing the installation work, handing-over the project work items on time, with absolutely safety for human and equipment, without work accident as well as fire, meeting product quality and industrial hygiene requirements.



At the ceremony, Directors Board of LISEMCO 2 called out all entire staffs for emulation on working, self-aware and responds on the emulation movement. Each team, each person should try his best on contributing to overcome all difficulties, for completing the installation work for the project. On responding the call-out from the Directors Board, the leaders of installation teams at the site had signed the Mutual Agreement on completing the work items on time as planned.


LISEMCO 2-3 enterprise in charge of installing all boiler equipment with the weight up to 1000 tons. Installation team strives to complete the Steel structure installation work, including: 650 tons for the Purifying building, 100 tons of pressing building, 50 tons of boiler house. Civil construction team installs 500 tons refractory material for the project. On witness of the owner, Directors board and Trade union of LISEMCO 2, entire the staffs at the site determined to complete all the installation works and hand-over them on 30/November/2012, and pre-commissioning the plant on 15/December/2012, in compliance with time schedule by the Owner.


The ceremony ended with excited and glad atmosphere. Radiant smiles with full belief on the workers faces brought rest to our mind. And then, in the very near future, the vast cane hills will become pure sugar particles, bring sweet taste to life.  

Tuyen Quang, 2/10/2012

By: Huyen Trang

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