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Activities - social work

Activities - social work


Do you come to amecc with me?

Shared roof with colleagues

Connecting each day to love

Building a strong, resilient company

Crossing the great sea with thousands of waves

Do you come to amecc with me?

Even if iron and steel make your hands callous

Does galvanized smoke make you suffocated?

But with love of steel will bloom into flowers

Another year has passed with many breakthroughs

Amecc succeeds despite difficulties

Because I'm strong when I have you

Together with amecc build a bright tomorrow me

Please come back to amecc with me

Good land with thrifty people

The sun at the construction site doesn't care about sweat

I'm a bit acidic, but I still smile

For tomorrow, steel will be more silver ánh

My company will always shine

Because of our love of labor

Tomorrow will come and it won't be far

Amecc is successful and steel flowers are always brilliant

I smile and expect nothing more

Because you have me, you have our Amecc.

ST : Le Phuong Nham

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