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Activities - social work

Activities - social work


Join the excitement and pride of women nationwide to celebrate the 91st anniversary of the establishment of the Vietnam Women's Union (October 20th, 1930 - October 20th, 2021). Today, Amecc Group Trade Union is pleased to celebrate Vietnamese Women's Day on October 20th.

(The General Director of the company, customers and member companies congratulate the women on the occasion of October 20th)

In the history of nation building and defense of the nation, Vietnamese people have formed good qualities, that is, the spirit of heroism and resilience, creating the strength of the community to survive, fight and fight. Defeat all enemies. In that historical process, Vietnamese women have made a significant contribution to the preservation, preservation and promotion of the values ​​of our nation's identity from generation to generation. That silent contribution has gradually crystallized into the great moral qualities of Vietnamese women in the new era: "Confidence – Self respect - Loyalty - Courage".

(Mr. Nguyen Van Tho- General Director of the company gave flowers to congratulate Vietnamese Women's Day October 20)

Over the years, the women of Amecc Group have always affirmed their important role and made many contributions to the strong and comprehensive development of Amecc, preserving and promoting the pure moral qualities of women. Employees in the machinery installation industry: live simply, unite, help each other in life and work, many women have won the title: ''Good at the company, taking care of the house''.

(The President of the Trade Union Nguyen Huu Phong presented flowers to the company's female board on the occasion of Vietnamese Women's Day 20-10)

Persistence and wholeheartedness for the sake of their families and society, together with their great contributions to the development of the country in general and the activities of Amecc Group in particular - The women are always fresh flowers, emitting fragrance, coloring life to bring happiness and peace to everyone. Hopefully, women will continue to be confident, overcome themselves, try to overcome difficulties, promote a positive spirit, be proactive and creative, to improve productivity and quality of work during next time.

(Mr. Ta Van Hung - Factory Manager Congratulations to all women on Vietnamese Women's Day  20-10)

On behalf of the Board of Directors of the Company's Trade Union, we would like to acknowledge your achievements and hope that you will continue to try to promote your strength and enthusiasm to complete all assigned tasks.

(Mr. Le Dinh Vuong - Director of the bidding committee congratulates the ladies on Vietnamese Women's Day  October 20th)


Women are always the solid rear, the home builder in every family. People often say: "Behind a man's success, there is always a woman", this is not wrong because we always understand that "Mountains are high thanks to sitting ground, mountains cover low ground". Where does the mountain sit? Men's success in career, happiness in family life are all thanks to the sacrifice and selflessness of women.

(Mr. Nguyen Van Dinh - Deputy Director of Business and Commerce Department Congratulations to all women on Vietnamese Women's Day  October 20th)

(Mr. Tran Ngoc Son - Head of the construction sitecongratulations to the sisters on Vietnamese Women's Day 20-10)


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