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Activities - social work

Activities - social work


On 28th December 2020, AMECC Mechanical Construction Joint Stock Company and VIETRANTIMEX Multimodal Transport Joint Stock Company signed a business cooperation agreement, marking the high elevation in the strategic relationship between the two sides.

VIETRANTIMEX, one of the leading transportation contractors in Vietnam, is also a company with high quality human resources, is constantly expanding and diversifying types of international multimodal transport services... With this cooperation agreement, AMECC and VIETRANTIMEX aim for a comprehensive cooperation goal to enhance competitiveness in providing package services from fabrication to transportation and installation in the fields of oil and gas, electricity, cement and other industries, able to compete with domestic and foreign projects, on the basis of the capabilities and strengths of the two sides.

AMECC is one of the leading companes in the fields of mechanical fabrication & installation, EPC General Contractor for large domestic and foreign projects. VIETRANSTIMEX is one of the leading companies in the field of transport of overload & oversize cargo.

Accordingly, on the principle of consensus, voluntariness, fairness, equality, goodwill and mutual benefit, the two sides will continue to coordinate closely in bidding packages related to the fabrication, transportation & shipping, installation, on the basis of profit sharing and risk taking. AMECC pledges to assign VIETRANTIMEX to carry out loading, unloading, transporting and launching all overload & oversize structures those are fabricated and manufactured by AMECC.

Mr. Nguyen Van Tho - General Director of AMECC and Mr. Bui Quang Lien - General Director of VIETRANTIMEX signed a cooperation agreement

The signing of the cooperation today between AMECC and VIETRANTIMEX not only connects the business cooperation relationship between the two parties but also promotes business development, growing in both quality and quality, bringing great economic efficiency to both sides, in line with the trends, directions and development strategies of Vietnam economy.

Mr. Le Dinh Vuong - Director of AMECC bidding board and Mr. Duong Viet Cuong - Deputy Director of Vietrantimex Northern Branch signed the cooperation agreement.

The Directors and guests congratulated on the cooperation

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