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AMECC - 8 Lessons Learned From The Covid-19 Pandemic

1. Be Calm In The Face Of Fake News

Pandemic period is the time when everything becomes more sensitive than ever, especially in terms of mental health. Taking this opportunity, many people have created fake news to share on social networks for personal purposes. Fake news often has a formula based on some real events built up to make the information sensational, touching people's fear or compassion. Being calm and discerning is the only way to protect yourself from the panic of fake news because even sources that you consider trustworthy can sometimes be negligent.

2. Live More Simply
In the social distancing period, we have had to cut down on unnecessary needs, the current major expenditures are focused on food, electricity, water, internet, medicine, ... that we still feel fine.
In these difficult times, it's the savings that are really helpful. For many people who have unfortunately suffered a pay cut or no income, without any savings, their life will be extremely stressful to take care of their family living expenses.

Knowing that life will require movement, need to aim for higher standards to develop. But no matter what, let's keep things as simple as today, to be less demanding with what we don't have, less annoyed about unpleasant things, more grateful for every moment of staying healthy and safe.

3. Be Grateful

For many people, this is the first time in their lives that they are experiencing a period of lack of food, sharing each bunch of vegetables and fish with each other. In the period that our country is facing many difficulties and loss, let's be grateful and feel lucky that we can still work, be guaranteed with benefits, stay safe and healthy. We still have cozy beds to sleep at night and warm meals every day, while many people and our teammates are not having that luck.

4. Practise Survival Skills 

• Queuing in public is also a valuable survival skill. In order to go to the market or supermarket during this period, everyone must queue, order, be quiet and move when it is their turn to ensure physical distancing and protect the safety of themselves and others.

•  Listening to your body is also an interesting experience during this period. When changing life habits suddenly (From being outside to just staying at home), the body will have reactions, such as: restlessness, feeling of loss of freedom... Staying at home for too long also causes headaches, fatigue, sluggishness, low alertness, and irritability. Don't just sit around, let's breathe, sunbathe, do exercises to help you sweat every day. Doing exercises will produce more endorphins, this is the "happiness" hormone that helps you feel good.

• Staying at home is also a challenge for those who can't stand being alone. Right now, the only way is to make yourself happy. Think of many things to do such as studying online, reading books, arranging flowers, fixing broken things in your house, learning the musical instruments ...just do it continuously and attentively, time will pass very quickly. Don't let time pass in vain. Live alone but not lonely!

5. Accept Mistakes And Say Sorry

Everything in this period is difficult and encountered for the first time, so there will be inevitable mistakes, from things in the family to the community. Please accept mistakes and be brave to say sorry, but also hope that everyone will understand each other, contribute our opinions in a constructive and tolerant spirit so that we can return to normal life soon.

6. Everything Will Pass, But How It Passes Is Up To Us

The pandemic will pass, that's for sure. But how it will pass is what we care about: ending in peace, love, as little loss as possible or ending in panic, fear, and despair? Those are two options that we can completely decide.

When the pandemic passes, we will be different too. Maybe we will be more calm when facing gains and loss, we know how to accept disadvantages more. Experiencing this pandemic can be like a filter for each person to know what is most important to us. Everyone knows it's life, but there are other things. Maybe it's something we've known for a long time, but it's really only coming to mind after experiences during this period, even if no one wants it.

7. Check In With Yourself And Practise Mindfulness

During this period, many people begin to learn about Buddhism, listen to Dharma talks, practise meditation,... and feel that life has many positive changes. Distancing is the ideal time for each of us to check in with ourselves and turn inside. Spiritual life coupled with secular life is how we discover all the potentials hidden within each person.

8.  A Normal Life Is Our Happiness

When we are in challenges, we just want to quickly return to normal life. When we stay at home for months, we just want to have a normal life like before. When there are so many conditions to be happy, we tend to forget and take it for granted.  We find happiness in things that are far away and unreal. Just a little awakening, happiness overflows in normal life every day.

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