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Amecc participates in the Color Run 2023 event - Exploring capabilities and networking at Nam Dinh Vu Industrial Park

On the morning of November 25, the Color Run 2023 event took place at Nam Dinh Vu Industrial Zone, with the special participation of Global Module Center Joint Stock Company - GMC, representing Amecc Company. This event was organized by the Red Star Group at Nam Dinh Vu Industrial Zone, attracting nearly 300 athletes from the staff and employees of the Red Star Group and businesses within the area.

Exciting Experience at Color Run 2023

This year's Color Run event saw active participation from the business community at Nam Dinh Vu Industrial Zone. Nearly 300 athletes competed in three main categories, including men's and women's marathons at distances of 4,000m and 6,000m, along with a 60m x 4 relay race.

The Amecc community immersed themselves in the lively atmosphere of the event, signifying integration and positive interaction among businesses. Despite not winning any awards, the enthusiastic participation spirit shown by Amecc's employees is noteworthy.

Exploring Abilities and Fitness Training

The Color Run is not just a competition but also an opportunity for individuals to explore and challenge their personal capabilities. With diverse race tracks, athletes have the chance to showcase their creativity and personal strength. Particularly, having various distances provides participants with opportunities to enhance their fitness in the way that suits them best.

The exhilarating and dynamic moments as everyone conquers colorful challenges not only foster team bonding but also demonstrate teamwork spirit and an unwavering determination.

Business Networking - Employee Interaction

The Color Run event not only provides an opportunity for businesses to meet but also serves as a platform for employees to interact and build positive personal relationships. Each stride taken is a chance to expand communication networks, learn about one another, and foster close relationships beyond the work environment.

Amecc's employees showcased a proactive attitude towards interaction, creating a cheerful and friendly atmosphere. Some organized groups stood out, from designing unique uniforms to motivational performance acts.

The Color Run 2023 at Nam Dinh Vu Industrial Zone was not only a sports event but also an occasion for businesses and employees to come together, interact, and create memorable moments. Despite not winning any awards, Amecc earned recognition for their active participation spirit and team solidarity.

We hope that such activities will continue to foster team spirit and create a positive working environment at Nam Dinh Vu Industrial Zone, contributing to enhancing the quality of life and work for everyone in this business community.

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