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Conference on report summary and orientation of the activities of the northern steel structure association 2023 - 2024

On September 16, 2023, the event 'Summary Report and Orientation of Activities of the Northern Steel Structure Association for 2023-2024' took place in Long Bien, Hanoi. This occasion provided all members of the association an opportunity to review the achievements made during the six years of formation and development, summarize the lessons learned, and set directions for future development and collaboration in the upcoming phase.

At the event, the Northern Steel Structure Association (NSSA) was represented by the current Executive Committee: Mr. Nguyen Van Tho - Chairman of the association, also Chairman of the Mechanical Construction Joint Stock Company (AMECC); Mr. Nguyen Quang Tao - General Secretary of the association; Vice Chairmen including representatives from enterprises such as Hung Yen Steel Structure Co., Ltd., Weldcom Industrial Joint Stock Company, Phu Duc Co., Ltd., and representatives of member companies within the association. Particularly, the conference was attended by distinguished guests from prominent steel structure companies in the northern region: Dong Anh Mechanical Steel Structure Plant, Omega Vietnam Steel Structure Joint Stock Company, Tan Dung Investment Trade & Construction Co., Ltd., Minh Cuong Mechanical Construction Trading Co., Ltd., Long Thai Investment Development Joint Stock Company, and SEICO Joint Stock Company.

During the conference, Mr. Nguyen Quang Tao - representing the Executive Committee - reported on the operational efficiency and financial results of the NSSA during the 2017-2023 period. Through the report, all members witnessed the effort put into the development of the association specifically and the social contributions in general.

Recognizing the valuable contributions and feedback from the association members, Chairman of the NSSA, Mr. Nguyen Van Tho, expressed immense excitement over the achievements the association has made in the past term. Established with the mission of 'Connecting - Collaborating - Developing - Integrity', the association has consistently maintained its objectives based on various activities: Networking and connections; Learning and sharing technology, management, and production operations among units; Domestic trade; Accessing and updating new technologies in production. It is thanks to this foundation that the association has continuously developed. Initially comprising 28 members, the association has now expanded, bringing together 36 steel structure enterprises.

Throughout its 6-year establishment and development, the association has organized numerous technology visits both domestically and internationally to exchange industry knowledge, strengthen connections, and expand cooperation among Vietnam's steel structure enterprises in the era of international integration. Alongside technical contributions, the NSSA has also made social contributions and shared responsibilities by donating valuable gifts to members affected by the Covid-19 pandemic in Bac Ninh and Bac Giang provinces. Mr. Tho expressed profound gratitude to all the association members who have consistently placed trust in the organization, selflessly contributed, and joined hands in building the Vietnamese steel structure industry toward continuous development. Concluding his speech, he also entrusted the new executive board to further enhance internal cohesion within the association and with other associations/members, aiming to achieve even more remarkable accomplishments.

The congress agreed on the selection and elected a new executive committee. Election results: 05 member units were elected to the executive committee for the 2023-2024 term. Accordingly, the representative from Ngai Cau Construction and Trading Investment Joint Stock Company was trusted and elected as the Chairman of the Northern Steel Structure Association. This role serves as the leading figure to guide the Association forward, contributing to enhancing the position of the domestic mechanical-steel structure industry.

Leveraging its strength in organizing experiential events, executing plans, fostering member connections within the association, as well as the ability to gather information and analyze domestic and international markets, the representative from Weldcom Industrial Joint Stock Company was trusted and elected as the Secretary-General.

Notwithstanding the trust of all the association members, the new term executive board of the Northern Steel Structure Association reaffirms that the trust, unity, and solidarity of its members are the great strength for the association's continuous development, breakthroughs, and pursuit of new successes.

The joy becomes more complete as the Northern Steel Structure Association is honored to welcome two new members (Long Thai Investment Development Joint Stock Company and Omega Vietnam Steel Structure Joint Stock Company), increasing the total number of association members to 38 companies along with 05 affiliated member units. Together with the new executive committee, all members have expressed their determination and readiness for the journey ahead.

Believing that with the new directions from the Northern Steel Structure Association's leadership and the meaningful contributions from its members, the upcoming term of the association may further expand its partner network. Together, they will collaborate and contribute significantly to the country's mechanical-steel structure industry.

Source: weldcom.vn

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