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High-Level Strategic Collaboration: Amecc Company, Samsung Engineering, and Sarawak Shell Berhad for the OGP Project.

On November 22, 2023, marked an important day as Amecc Company and Samsung Engineering jointly welcomed the investor Sarawak Shell Berhad at the Amecc Company headquarters to discuss the progress of the OGP Project (Onshore Gas Plant for the Rosmari Marjoram project). This event not only served as an opportunity to gain deeper insights into the plant but also as a platform to showcase the unique strength and capabilities of Amecc in the field of mechanical engineering.

Samsung Engineering, renowned as one of the leading EPC&PM companies globally, has entered into a $680 million EPCC contract with Sarawak Shell Berhad. What's particularly noteworthy is that Samsung Engineering has chosen Amecc to carry out the steel structure construction works, encompassing columns, beams, steel frames, and related items. This involves a total volume for the F0205 and F0212 projects of 4,960 tons and 350 tons respectively.

The selection made by Samsung Engineering was not merely based on paper evaluations but also on the real-life demonstration of Amecc's capabilities through the successful execution of the Sarawak Methanol Project, a relatively large-scale project in Malaysia. This isn't just a testament to Samsung Engineering's confidence but also reflects Sarawak Shell Berhad's trust in Amecc's ability to ensure high quality and performance.

A revisit to the Amecc plant presents another opportunity for major partners to inspect and assess the quality of infrastructure and the mechanical manufacturing capabilities. The trust extended by Samsung Engineering and Sarawak Shell Berhad isn't solely derived from figures and data on paper but from direct experiences and positive observations regarding how Amecc approaches and resolves technical challenges.

This significant event marks not only a breakthrough in the collaboration between Amecc and Samsung Engineering but also a major stride for the mechanical engineering industry. We believe that with proactivity and dedication, the OGP Project will be successful, contributing to the sustainable development of Sarawak Shell Berhad and serving as an encouragement for future strategic collaborations.

Details about the OGP Project:

  • The OGP project by Sarawak Shell Berhad in Bintulu, Sarawak, is designed with a capacity to process up to 800 million cubic feet of gas per day.

  • Samsung Engineering, acting as a strategic partner, will execute the project in the form of EPCC, covering engineering, procurement, construction, and commissioning. The anticipated RFSU (Ready for Start-Up) for the OGP project is set to be completed by the end of 2025, opening up new prospects in the energy industry.

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